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  1. Dojas says:
    Carbon definition, a widely distributed element that forms organic compounds in combination with hydrogen, oxygen, etc., and that occurs in a pure state as diamond and graphite, and in an impure state as charcoal. Symbol: C; atomic weight: ; atomic number: 6; specific gravity: (of diamond) at 20°C; (of graphite) at 20°C. See more.
  2. Dagami says:
    Carbon Brief Staff | Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world Multiple Authors |
  3. Mosar says:
    Carbon is unique among the elements in its ability to form strongly bonded chains, sealed off by hydrogen atoms. These hydrocarbons, extracted naturally as fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), are mostly used as fuels. A small but important fraction is used as a feedstock for the petrochemical industries producing polymers, fibres, paints.
  4. Kirisar says:
    Carbon is a very important chemical element, with a chemical symbol of rinessferufufaldicosaseagolfse.coinfo known life on Earth needs it. Carbon has atomic mass 12 and atomic number 6. It is a nonmetal, meaning that it is not a metal.. When iron is alloyed with carbon, hard steel is formed. Carbon in the form of coal is an important fuelAllotropes: graphite, diamond.
  5. Mausho says:
    Define carbon. carbon synonyms, carbon pronunciation, carbon translation, English dictionary definition of carbon. a nonmetallic element Not to be confused with: carbine – a shoulder rifle with a short barrel n. 1. Symbol C An abundant nonmetallic element that occurs in.
  6. Moogurg says:
    Carbon sequestration, the long-term storage of carbon in plants, soils, geologic formations, and the ocean. In response to concerns about climate change resulting from increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, interest has been drawn to geoengineering techniques such as carbon capture and storage.
  7. Daikora says:
    Aug 04,  · Carbon measurements taken in air, soil, water, and trees are notoriously difficult to reconcile, in part because of the different timescales on which the processes operate. But when viewed together, a nearly complete carbon budget — one of the holy grails of ecology — emerges, documenting the flow of carbon through the forest in a complex.
  8. Tazilkree says:
    When disruption threatens, Carbon provides the solution. Our partners can depend on reliable production, whether through Carbon’s distributed production network or an in-house printing capability – or a flexible, responsive combination of both. Seamlessly move production around the world on the Digital Light Synthesis ™ technology.

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